what we do Plutoh is a full service web studio providing design, development, and marketing


First impressions matter. An attractive, functional, and easy-to-use design is the quickest and most effective way to establish trust and develop your brand in the eyes of your customers.

Whether you’re looking for a simple static website or a complex software solution, we'll work with you to design the perfect website for your business.


More than ever, a well-coded website has a direct impact on your bottom line. Building trust through semantic code is imperative since modern browsers will identify and alert users to poor code.

Search engine rankings are also closely tied to your code. Performance, security, and compliance will make or break your organic rankings in a way that you can't afford to ignore.


Having an attractive and functional website is only half the battle - you have to get people to visit it to grow your business. Internet marketing can be one of the most powerful tools in a small business's arsenal when it comes to building business affordably.

We've managed campaigns focusing on organic search engine rankings, Google Adwords, Facebook ads, Linkedin ads, Twitter ads, and even Pinterest ads. If there is a way to connect with a potential customer online, we will find it for you.

Website in a Box

Many of our customers just want a fast, simple way to establish a trustworthy web presence that doesn’t cost a ton of cash and is super easy to maintain. So we created Website in a Box. It’s easy - just select your website design (or theme), give us your logo colors and typeface, and we do the rest!

Ready to finally have a website that rocks?

Let's work together to make your web presence amazing!

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